Lex Brodie's Fast Lube
75-5570 Kuakini Hwy
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 5pm
Sun: Closed

Our People

Lance McQuirk

Director of Fast Lube Operations

Meet Lance McQuirk. He is our Director of Fast Lube Operations and came to us from the State of Idaho. When Lex Brodie's ran an ad in the National Oil & Lube News in late 2012 looking for a manager to run their quick lube operations; it was Lance who answered the call. We all knew that it would take a special person to leave behind family and friends and move to Hawaii, and Lance and his wife Sarah were that special couple ready to make the move to the Big Island.
Lance knew that his work was cut out for him when he stepped foot in Kona. The Lex FAST LUBE was only a shell of a building, so that meant he had to order all the products, fluids & hardware to run the FAST LUBE properly. He soon found out how long it takes to ship freight to an Island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. =) One of many challenges he has conquered thus far.
Lance follows strict guidelines and procedures that he has acquired from his 30 years of Fast Lube management experience from the mainland. He has taught his technicians to perform every oil change properly, quickly and professionally and to keep the facility clean and orderly. His goal is that every customer leaves the FAST LUBE facility totally surprised and satisfied with the work that was performed on their vehicle.
Come in and experience a FAST LUBE for yourself and leave as another satisfied customer. =)

Justin Lindsay

Fast Lube Technician

Imagine being a young teenager and your parents tell you that the family is moving to Hawaii from Chicago, Illinois. Yippee! Now most people would picture palms trees, white sandy beaches, girls in bikinis (wait a minute, he's only 13) okay...but you get the picture. That is what Justin's family did in 2003.
Now picture this: Justin's family moved from Chicago to Waiohinu in the district of Kau. A definite change of life for the entire family. No Wal-Marts or fast food restaurants for miles. Justin managed to survive the big change and survived being a student at Kau High school. In fact, Justin graduated with a 4.0 GPA. He also learned to appreciate the simple things in life and fell in love with the beauty of Hawaii. He also fell in love and married Ashley Lynn and has to 2 beautiful children.
When you meet Justin you will notice his smile and cheerful personality.

Vernon Avilles

Fastlube Technician

Vernon is very attentive to customer's needs and works smoothly and efficiently.

Tyler Blanco-Louis

Fast Lube Technician

Tyler comes to us all the way from Pahala. Tyler attended Kau High School an is currently enrolled in the HCC Auto mechanics course. Tyler is excited to learn about how the vehicle functions and what it takes to maintain it properly. We welcome Tyler to our Lex Brodie's Fast Lube pit crew!